Lussier Hot Springs – Visit These Beautiful, Natural Hot Springs in British Columbia

Lussier Hot Springs, British Columbia, CanadaAh, Lussier Hot Springs! At the bottom of a short walk down from the parking lot, the turquoise, translucent waters of the three rock-lined pools sparkle against a stunning backdrop of thick pine trees and the flowing Lussier River. You’ve stumbled upon a surreal and soothing location; nature’s finest way to relax.

That is – if you can handle soaking in these beautiful natural hot springs next to many others. Lussier Hot Springs is very much a not-so-secret gem, so don’t expect to have this special place all to yourself.

My Tips for Visiting Lussier Hot Springs:

General Information

Open: Year-round

Cost: Free!

Lussier Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada

How to Get to Lussier Hot Springs

Lussier Hot Springs are located within the East Kootenay ranges of the Rocky Mountains, near the entrance of Whiteswan Provincial Park in British Columbia. They are located about an hour from Radium, or 45 minutes from Fairmont.

The location is available in Google Maps. From highway 95, you turn east onto Whiteswan Forestry Road and drive 17km.

The logging road:

The 17km logging road to Lussier Hot Springs is gravel, but surprisingly well-maintained. However, near the end of the drive to Lussier, the road winds its way alongside a very high mountain cliff.

You may encounter logging trucks approaching in the opposite direction, and this can be terrifying on the final section of the road – especially in wintertime. Make sure to drive very carefully on this road, especially when you approach the cliff-side sections near the end of the drive.

It’s basically impossible to miss the parking area for Lussier Hot Springs on your right-hand side, even if you strike gold and it’s empty of other vehicles (but don’t expect that to happen!)


There are two outhouse toilets that also function as change rooms at the parking lot.

From the parking area, it is just a short walk down the hill until you arrive at the springs. Be careful in winter – even though there is a railing installed, this section can be extremely slippery in the winter.

If you’re looking for a nearby hotel to stay, I highly highly highly recommend Fairmont Hot Springs Resort – read my blog post about Fairmont here!

Explore Room Types & Prices

About Lussier’s Three Hot Spring Pools:

The upper pool at Lussier is the hottest at about 110°F, and sometimes you’ll only be able to soak in it for very short spurts.

The bottom left pool (if facing the river) can vary in temperature, depending on how close to the river you’re sitting. Often, it will be the second-warmest pool, as some of the water from the upper tub pours into it.

The bottom right-hand pool (if you’re facing the river) is usually the coldest, and sometimes just as chilly as the river flowing beside it, depending on the height of the river and how much cold water is being fed over.

As a general rule, the closer you are sitting to the river, the colder the water you’re sitting in is going to be.

These beautiful steaming tubs are not muddy in the least, as the surface of the pools are lined with pebbles. You must, however, hop giant boulders to make your way from tub to tub, so be careful on the rocks.

When is the Best Time to Visit Lussier Hot Springs?

Lussier is no secret gem! It is popular for good reason, and often very busy in every season (even on cold winter days). Usually, you will still be able to find space to bathe in the pools.

I recommend visiting the springs earlier in the day if you hope for them to be a bit less busy (from my experience, more people visit here in the mid afternoon to late afternoon, after skiing, hiking, or other activities). Around or just after sunset should be a bit less busy as well. It goes without saying that weekends will be much busier than weekdays overall.

People also soak here at night (sometimes, you’ll see remnants of small tealight candles around the tubs).

Lussier Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada

Tips for visiting in the winter:

Find a place for your towel/clothing that is close enough to jump out to grab it without freezing, but also not too close to the tubs – towels can freeze easily with the mix of hot-to-cold air temperatures!

Also, start your car once you’re done at the tubs as you begin walking back up to your vehicle – you’ll appreciate it!

Rules at Lussier Hot Springs:

Proper bathing attire is required, and skinny-dipping is not allowed.

Pets and liquor are also prohibited.

There are signs near the bathrooms advising you of a list of other rules to follow. Park rangers do make regular appearances at Lussier.

Respect the rules and follow Leave No Trace principles so the springs can be enjoyed for years to come. Pack out what you pack in, respect what you find (unless it’s trash – pack that out!), be respectful of wildlife and others, etc.

Enjoy your visit to Lussier Hot Springs! This is a beautiful and soothing natural hot spring in a seriously gorgeous location.

For more information about Lussier Hot Springs and Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park, visit the BC Parks Website.

Lussier Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada

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Lussier Hot Springs – Visit These Beautiful, Natural Hot Springs in British Columbia

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