The BEST Vegas Pools for Families – Las Vegas, Nevada

best vegas pools for families

Are you looking for the best Vegas pools for families? Dive right into this guide!

Las Vegas, often recognized for its opulent hotels and the glitzy Las Vegas Strip, boasts some of the best family pools that are nothing short of paradise. Whether it’s the gleaming waters of a large pool shaded by palm trees or the thrill of water slides shooting into splash zones, the pool areas in these Las Vegas hotels have got it all.

Imagine lounging on a comfortable deck chair, as your older kids explore water cannons and your younger children play in shallow waters or the splash pad. With pools that range from beach club pools with sandy beaches to ones with water parks, there’s plenty of room for the whole family to enjoy.

Some of these best Vegas pools even offer unique features like shark tanks as the main attraction or swim-up blackjack tables for the adults. If you’re looking for something more laid back, lazy rivers meander beneath water jets, and the calming sounds of waterfalls fill the air around hot tubs. Private cabanas offer a slice of luxury and food service to ensure you can spend the entire day in relaxation. And for those seeking a bit of excitement, there’s live music, special events, and even an adults-only infinity pool.

Moreover, Las Vegas’s pool landscape isn’t just restricted to the Strip. Downtown Las Vegas also offers some great options, ensuring you have an excellent choice wherever you decide to stay.

Whether you desire a swim amidst the main pool, a separate pool for younger kids, or the exhilaration of a gallon wave pool, Sin City’s best hotel pools promise a unique experience. For those who want to go all out, the liquid pool lounge offers a premium touch. And don’t forget, safety comes first with life jackets readily available for young children.

This blog post aims to highlight the best places for family-friendly pools in Las Vegas – be it on the Strip, off it, or downtown. We’ve made sure to cover the very best hotel pool spots, ensuring your entire family, from older kids to younger ones, will have a splashing good time!

So, as you plan your next trip to the entertainment capital, remember the best things aren’t just inside the hotel rooms. Grab your swimsuits and dive into the best Las Vegas pools that offer more than just a swim – they offer an unforgettable memory. Ready to make a splash? Welcome to the water wonderland of Sin City!

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The BEST Vegas Pools for Families

MGM Grand Hotel

The 6.5-acre pool oasis at the MGM Grand is perfect for families looking to enjoy Vegas. The MGM Grand Pool Complex offers four sparkling pools, three relaxing whirlpools, and the serenity of cascading waterfalls.

MGM Grand Vegas Pools for FamiliesFor the younger family members and those young at heart, there’s a famous Lazy River to float down and create lasting memories.

Parents can stretch out on plush daybeds, indulge in diverse food and drink offerings, or even treat themselves to a rejuvenating poolside massage.

For families seeking an extra touch of luxury, the MGM Grand offers spacious cabanas that can comfortably host up to eight people. These private havens are equipped with flat-screen televisions, personalized food and drink services, and an unbeatable view of the entire pool landscape.

MGM Grand Vegas Pools for Families

Beyond just swimming, the Grand Pool Complex also offers a culinary journey. There are five exquisite bars and the Cabana Grill restaurant, which is known for serving delightful signature dishes in a laid-back ambiance.

Those who opt for the luxury of the cabanas will find them equipped with amenities like ceiling fans, comfy couches, televisions, poolside Wi-Fi, towel services, and many other special features.

MGM Grand Vegas Pools for Families

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Caesars Palace – Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis

The Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis is a haven for families searching for the ultimate fun-filled day out in Vegas. With its seven diverse pools, it offers something for everyone, from tiny toddlers to adventurous teens and relaxed parents.

Parents can keep an eye on their little ones as they play, while basking in the sun on complimentary loungers or opting for a more luxurious experience with rented cabanas.

Caesars Palace - Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis

Every detail at the Garden of the Gods is tailored to ensure families have a memorable time. The dedicated pool attendants are always on hand to assist, ensuring everyone’s safety and comfort. Plus, for families staying at Caesars Palace, the entrance to this oasis is entirely free!

The Fortuna Pool, inspired by the goddess of luck, introduces a fun twist, with swim-up tables where parents can indulge in a game or two of blackjack. Meanwhile, kids can splash around or order their favorite non-alcoholic beverage from the Fortuna Bar.

Caesars Palace - Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis

While the Venus Pool offers a calm retreat exclusively for adults, families can explore the other inviting pools, each promising a unique experience. The Roman-inspired architecture combined with the clear blue waters gives families a sense they’ve stepped into a Roman holiday, right in the heart of Vegas.

With seven enticing pools, 48 deluxe cabanas, and 65 daybeds, the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis promises an unforgettable family vacation.

Caesars Palace - Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis

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Mandalay Bay Resort

Mandalay Bay Beach is every family’s dream come true in Vegas, spreading across an impressive 11 acres of water-filled fun. Kids and adults alike can revel in the joys of the wave pool, creating memories as they ride the tides together.

Mandalay Bay Vegas Pools for Families For a more relaxed pace, families can drift along the Lazy River, laughing and bonding.

With various pools, including a tranquil lagoon perfect for little ones to splash in, there’s something for every family member. And if you’re looking to take a break from the sun, cozy cabanas offer the ideal shaded spot.’

Mandalay Bay Vegas Pools for Families

Hunger pangs after all the excitement? The Beach Bar and Grill serves up family-friendly meals that everyone will love. For the grown-ups, three bars offer refreshing cocktails to enjoy while watching the kids have the time of their lives.

Mandalay Bay Beach isn’t just a pool; it’s a tailor-made family beach adventure in the heart of Vegas. Dive in and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Mandalay Bay Vegas Pools for Families

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Tahiti Village Resort

Tahiti Village offers an enchanting escape for families, right in the heart of Vegas. At its core lies a Tahitian-themed pool area, complete with a sandy beach entry, bringing a touch of tropical paradise to the bustling city. Families can immerse themselves in the ambiance and truly experience the unique Tahiti Village vibe.

Tahiti Village Resort Vegas Pools for Families

Tahiti Village boasts one of the most extensive Lazy Rivers in Las Vegas, promising both relaxation and adventure for families. As guests float, they can revel in the warmth of the seasonally heated waters, marvel at four exquisite waterfalls, and relish the Lazy River’s impressive features — spanning 1/8 of a mile and containing a staggering 185,000 gallons of water.

Tahiti Village Resort Vegas Pools for Families

For those who wish to drift effortlessly, complimentary tubes are provided, ensuring a delightful and lazy journey. And, as the sun sets, Tahitian Tiki Torches light the way, enhancing the magical experience.

After an exhilarating day, families can unwind in one of the two available hot tubs. While one is exclusively for adults, offering them a serene respite, the other welcomes the whole family for a warm and relaxing dip.

The SandBox Bars, adorned in Tiki-themed decor, are perfectly situated by the pool and Lazy River. These tropical bars are ready to refresh families with both classic drinks and Tahiti Village’s special cocktails.

Tahiti Village Resort Vegas Pools for Families

But perhaps the most unique attraction for families at Tahiti Village is the sand-entry pool. It offers a unique blend of beach and pool, where children can sculpt sandcastles and parents can bask in the sun, feeling the fine grains beneath their feet.

For families seeking both adventure and relaxation in Vegas, Tahiti Village is the ultimate destination.

Tahiti Village Resort Vegas Pools for Families

Jenn Explores - Travel Inspiration, Hiking, Outdoors, Adventure, LuxuryExcalibur Hotel

Excalibur Hotel Las Vegas invites families to a majestic pool oasis that’s truly fit for kings and queens. Nestled amidst a verdant tropical landscape, the expansive pool area spans a staggering 30,000 square feet, ensuring plenty of space for guests to relax or play.

Excalibur Hotel Vegas Pools for Families

With a grand total of four pristine pools, families have a plethora of choices. For the thrill-seekers, one of the pools boasts a spectacular water slide, meticulously designed amidst natural boulders and palm trees, open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. This slide not only offers an exhilarating ride but also immerses guests in a tropical ambiance.

For those who prefer a more tranquil experience, the Drenched Pool beckons. This pool is accompanied by the Drenched Bar & Grill. Here, families can indulge in delectable American fare and refreshing beverages, all while basking in the sun. The Main Pool serves as an exclusive weekend retreat, opening its doors only on Saturdays and Sundays.

Excalibur Hotel Vegas Pools for Families

Guests seeking an elevated poolside experience can opt for one of the 19 cabanas. These cabanas are designed with luxury in mind, featuring a myriad of amenities such as a television, refrigerator, cozy love seat, lounge chairs, and more. Moreover, for added convenience, they come stocked with assorted non-alcoholic beverages and provide towel service.

Excalibur Hotel ensures that every family’s sun-soaked day is filled with luxury, leisure, and limitless fun!

Excalibur Hotel Vegas Pools for Families

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Circus Circus Hotel

Circus Circus Vegas Pools for Families

At Circus Circus Las Vegas, families can dive into an expansive aquatic paradise at the Splash Zone. Spanning over a vast acre, the Splash Zone is a delightful blend of swimming pools, invigorating whirlpools, and an engaging water playground, all designed to provide endless fun for visitors of all ages.

One of the highlights of this watery wonderland is the towering 50-foot slide tower, which houses three thrilling slides. Adventure seekers can take their pick from the Mat Racer, the swirling Aqua Tube, or the heart-racing Speed Slide.

Circus Circus Vegas Pools for Families

For younger guests or those who prefer a more relaxed water experience, the Splash Pad is a dream come true. This all-ages playground offers a myriad of water features, from playful water cannons and overflowing spill buckets to mesmerizing rain trees. As kids maneuver through the Splash Pad, they can interact with various elements, ensuring they’re not only cooled off but also thoroughly entertained. But a word to the wise: it’s a place where getting soaked is all part of the fun!

In addition to these attractions, guests can unwind in one of the two serene pools or take a rejuvenating dip in the whirlpools. And for those seeking an added touch of luxury during their pool day, the cabanas are an excellent choice.

Equipped with lounge chairs, a TV, mini-fridge, and a safe, these shaded havens provide a cozy retreat from the sun. Starting at just $50, they offer both comfort and privacy, accommodating up to four people.

For families in search of a perfect splash-filled day in Las Vegas, the Splash Zone at Circus Circus is a top choice!

Circus Circus Vegas Pools for Families

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Golden Nugget Tank Pool

Golden Nugget Vegas Pools for Families

Dive into a family-friendly aquatic adventure at Golden Nugget’s renowned $30 million pool oasis: The Tank and HideOut complex. Encompassing a marvelous 200,000-gallon shark tank aquarium, this destination offers both entertainment and relaxation for families of all sizes.

Golden Nugget Vegas Pools for Families

“The Tank” is a wonderland for kids and adults alike. With a thrilling three-story water slide weaving through the center of a mesmerizing shark tank, it promises a once-in-a-lifetime chance to glide alongside an array of marine life. Managed by our dedicated Life Sciences Department, the tank is home to 300 enchanting marine creatures from all corners of the world. Since its establishment in 2005, this incredible feature has been a favorite among families visiting Las Vegas.

Beyond the aquatic marvels, the expansive pool deck provides an inviting space for families to unwind and bond. Choose from comfy wicker sofas, chaise lounges perfect for sunbathing, or even chairs submerged in the refreshing pool water. As you relax, enjoy the soothing sounds of waterfalls and music from the discreet rock-shaped speakers. And for families who love a game or two, the live blackjack tables are a hit!

For a change of pace, “The Hideout” pool is perfect for both kids and adults. Conveniently located on the third floor of The Tank, this pool offers a spacious area for swimming and splashing. For parents who need a moment to relax, the shaded lounges are the perfect spot. Families can also indulge in one of our eight poolside cabanas, ensuring a comfortable day by the pool. When thirst or hunger strikes, The Hideout’s H20 Bar is ready to serve with family-friendly refreshments.

Golden Nugget is committed to offering families an unforgettable aquatic experience, ensuring fun-filled memories for everyone.

Golden Nugget Vegas Pools for Families

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Flamingo Hotel

Dive into a sun-soaked adventure at Flamingo Las Vegas’s Beach Club Pool. This ultimate family-friendly retreat boasts enchanting waterfalls, a serene lagoon, and an exhilarating waterslide, creating a tropical paradise for kids and adults alike.

The Flamingo Vegas Pools for Families

For those seeking a momentary escape, there’s also the GO Pool, which offers a unique oasis of relaxation.

To enhance your family’s experience, consider booking a cabana, lounge, or daybed. With dedicated servers and hosts catering to your every whim, you’ll truly feel the luxury of a top-tier vacation. And when it’s time for a refreshing drink or a bite to eat, Flamingo’s vibrant poolside offerings are sure to satisfy your cravings.

The Flamingo Vegas Pools for Families

At Flamingo Las Vegas, unforgettable family moments are a guarantee. With two distinct pools to explore, a fun waterslide to conquer, and the availability of 19 luxurious cabanas, there’s no end to the entertainment.

Beyond the splash and play, the backdrop of the waterfall wall and palm trees transforms the space, making every family’s Las Vegas vacation feel like a genuine relaxation getaway.

Whether sliding, floating, or lounging, Flamingo Las Vegas promises a memorable family escape to paradise.

The Flamingo Vegas Pools for Families

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Best Vegas Shows for Families:

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Las Vegas, often hailed as the entertainment capital of the world, has impressively reshaped itself as a family-friendly destination, too. Beyond its glittering lights and iconic shows, the city now offers a splendid array of some of the best pools, designed especially with families in mind.

These aren’t just mere swimming pools; they’re expansive water wonderlands, making Las Vegas the perfect place for families to splash, play, and create memories.

If you’re planning a family vacation to Vegas, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The best hotels in the city have curated their pool areas to cater specifically to families, ensuring safety while not skimping on fun. Many of these resorts have incorporated different pools into their spaces – from toddler-friendly wading areas to adventurous water slides for the older kids, and even relaxing lounges for parents to unwind.

For parents who enjoy a touch of luxury, there’s no need to leave the pool to grab a refreshing drink, thanks to the elegant swim-up bars that some hotels offer. A few pools in the city are also open to non-hotel guests, which is a great option for families who might be keen to explore multiple aquatic experiences.

Budget-conscious families can rest easy, too. While some upscale hotel pools might charge a premium for specific amenities, there are plenty of pools that offer an excellent balance of fun and affordability, ensuring a good option for families of all sizes and budgets.

An additional charm of Las Vegas’s family-friendly pools is the attention to ambience. Several pools are set amidst settings reminiscent of a botanical garden, offering families a dual experience of swimming and nature exploration. The lush greenery, paired with the gentle sound of waterfalls, provides a refreshing break from the desert landscape of Vegas.

In conclusion, Las Vegas has embraced the essence of family vacations, ensuring that parents and children have the best time together. It’s not just about the grand casinos and elaborate shows anymore; it’s also about families laughing together in the water, parents watching their kids’ first slide down a water chute, and everyone basking in the joyous moments that a well-spent day at the pool brings.

So, as you map out your family’s Vegas adventure, remember that the city’s pools are beckoning, ready to offer a splash-filled getaway!

Have an amazing trip!

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