Mountain Village Resort Hot Springs in Stanley, Idaho

Mountain Village Resort hot springs in Stanley, Idaho will probably forever sit on my list of favorite hot springs. It’s a hot springs that serves up complete peace and relaxation, with prime views to match. Read on to find out why you need to add this stop to your bucket list, especially during an Idaho Hot Springs Roadtrip!

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Hot Springs at Mountain Village Resort in Stanley, Idaho
Mountain Village Resort Hot Springs in Stanley, Idaho

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Why Stanley, Idaho?

Stanley, Idaho is a tiny little mountain town home to a population of less than 100. The town is situated at the foot of the majestic Sawtooth Mountains and along the banks of the Salmon River. It is pristine, charming, quaint, and truly special.

This little western town is nestled in a natural amphitheatre very rarely found in nature, surrounded by jagged mountain peaks in all directions. The streets are filled with an eclectic mix of outdoorsmen and women, artists, ranchers, and visitors privy to this secret gem of a destination.

The area is home to world class climbing, hiking, back country skiing, fishing, camping, horseback riding, and boating – an outdoor lover’s paradise, and the perfect place to truly “get away from it all”.

And the best part of all – the town is full of natural hot springs just waiting to be explored!

Hot Springs at Mountain Village Resort in Stanley, Idaho

Why Mountain Village Resort?

This charming and rustic lodge is less than half a mile from Stanley’s centre and features all of the services and amenities you could need during your visit!

What really makes this place special is, of course, its cozy and unique hot spring with barn doors that open up to an amazing view of the Sawtooth Mountains.

However, it is a fantastic place to stay, in its own right. Here’s why:

Lodging at Mountain Village Resort

Mountain Village Resort offers simple, straightforward rooms that you would expect from a rugged mountain hideaway. There are 11 recently remodelled rooms, including two Kitchenettes, eight two-queen deluxe rooms, and a Nip N’ Tuck suite.

These rooms s are fully remodelled with beautiful finishes and classic mountain charm but offer all the contemporary comforts – including air conditioning! Some of the rooms are even pet-friendly – inquire with the hotel directly.

Hot Springs at Mountain Village Resort in Stanley, Idaho

A variety of amenities are offered in different rooms, from panelled walls, satellite TV, kitchenettes, mini-fridges and microwaves. Explore room categories here

Parking is free, and there is a free airport shuttle from the small Stanley airport.

There is also an American restaurant on site offering mountain views and good food, and a saloon featuring regular live music. Across the street is a gas station and a store for buying groceries, souvenirs, etc.

And the best part – all guests of the hotel have access to the hot springs, included in their rate.

Read on to learn more about the hot springs!


Mountain Village Resort
3 Eva Falls Ave
Stanley, ID 83278
United States

Phone Number:


The Hot Springs at Mountain Village Resort

Now to the best part – the hot springs at Mountain Village Resort!

The hot springs is located in a small wooden building that is a short 5 or 10 minute walk from the main motel office and lodge rooms, through a field down towards the river on the lodge’s gorgeous property.

Hot Springs at Mountain Village Resort in Stanley, Idaho
Wooden building holding the hot springs tub

You must reserve your one-hour time slot to use the hot springs at the front desk.

There is a maximum amount of bodies allowed in the tub at once, so this ensures that the tub does not become crowded and everyone is allowed a peaceful experience.

Hot Springs at Mountain Village Resort in Stanley, Idaho

The tub is chest-deep when standing up. There is a built-in seat circling the tub and the bottom is soft and made of sand.

You are provided with protection from the elements with the wooden building. There is a flow of water coming in continuously from the natural spring, which exits to the nearby river.

We spent the hour of sunset in the hot spring the first night, then the hour surrounding sunrise the next morning.

If there is availability, the Lodge has no problem if you use the tub more than once.

Hot Springs temperature: 103-106 F

Hot Springs at Mountain Village Resort in Stanley, Idaho

Cost (if not staying at the hotel) is $25 USD per hour, for up to three persons (including towel rentals)

Hot Springs at Mountain Village Resort in Stanley, Idaho

Other hot springs in Stanley:

One of the best things about Stanley, Idaho is that there are a plethora of natural hot springs, from little tubs hovering over the river to in-ground tubs surrounded with natural rocks.

I’m working on a blog post about some of the other hot springs options in Stanley, so make sure to sign up for my email list to receive notification of when these go live!



Hot Springs at Mountain Village Resort in Stanley, Idaho

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Mountain Village Resort Hot Springs in Stanley, Idaho

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