Nike Employee Store (Beaverton): How to Get In!

Nike Employee Store

What is the Nike Employee Store?

The Nike Employee Store, often referred to as the Nike Company Store, is a unique and very sought-after retail sanctuary that has been designed exclusively for Nike employees and their invited guests.

It has a bit of a cult following now, and everyone wants in – for good reason!

This is because the Nike Employee Store offers a special and exclusive Nike shopping experience to its visitors, as well as provides access to exclusive Nike products.

You’ll find a HUGE variety of past, current and upcoming Nike retail products, and the best part is that everything can be purchased for around 50% off the retail pricing!

Are you hoping to gain access to this exclusive Nike shopping experience? You’re in the right place!

I’ll explain how to gain access to visit the Nike Employee Store in this blog post, so read on – and then get shopping!

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Where is the Nike Employee Store located?

The Nike Employee Store, searchable as the Nike Company Store on Google Maps, is located in Beaverton, Oregon, close to Nike’s headquarters.

There is actually one more Nike Company Store in the United States, which is located in Memphis, TN.

In this blog post, I’ll be discussing the store located in Oregon (map above); however you can expect to find similar items at similar prices (and similar barriers to entry!) at the Memphis store as well.

Nike Employee Store

Why is the Nike Employee Store in such high demand?

The Exclusive Allure of the Nike Employee Store

Imagine a shopping paradise that has been handcrafted exclusively for Nike employees and others in the Nike family. This is it, the extraordinary Nike shopping world known as the Nike Employee Store!

Are you hoping to gain access?

Everyone wants in to the Nike Employee Store because this hidden gem offers a true Nike retail experience that is unlike anything else!

Those lucky enough to enter the store and access the deals are offered exclusive perks, crazy-low discounted prices and unique extra benefits that are only available to those who are part of the exclusive Nike family.

I should also mention that if you’re visiting the Nike Employee Store in Oregon, USA, everything you purchase is also tax-free! How incredible is that?

Nike Employee Store

What is inside of the Nike Employee Store?

Once you’ve gained access inside of this exclusive establishment, a world of top-tier, exclusive Nike products unravels right in front of your eyes.

You’ll find a huge variety of awesome Nike merchandise, including footwear, clothing, and accessories, offered to an exclusive few at unimaginably low discounted prices – usually at least 40%+ off!

Employees and their chosen guests are provided the golden opportunity to browse and purchase the latest and greatest Nike products before they are released to the general public.

This special exclusivity adds to the demand of the store, and it allows visitors to access limited edition and special collaboration retail items that are harder to find.

In addition to the store’s diverse Nike product selection, the Employee Store offers am exciting shopping environment, with its layout and design tailored to enhance your overall visiting experience.

Inside the store, you’ll be greeted with attractive displays and interactive features. The store’s friendly and knowledgeable staff are available to provide shopping assistance, answer your questions, and offer product recommendations.

How To Get Into the Nike Employee Store:

Now – to the good stuff.

It’s crucial to know that the Nike Employee Store is absolutely NOT open to the general public. It is in no way a public store.

In fact, gaining access to the Nike Employee Store is somewhat akin to gaining access to a very exclusive Las Vegas pool party. Only a select few are allowed inside of this exclusive shopping experience.

Showing a valid photo ID at the door is an absolute requirement to gain entry. This ensures that the exclusive Nike benefits are reserved only for the intended audience. And makes it all kind of more alluring, right?

Nike Employee Store

Who has access to the Nike Employee Store?

In order to access the Nike Company Store, you must:

Be a Nike Employees (or Converse or Hurley)

If you are a Nike Employee, or an employee of any of its other brands (such as Converse or Hurley), congratulations!

To gain access into this exclusive shopping haven, Nike employees must present a valid work ID, such as a company badge, as well as a matching photo ID for verification purposes.

Nike employees, including their permanent partners, are granted access to this haven, as well as their dependent children.

The Nike Employee Store serves as an exclusive staff perk and a nice way to reward the hard work of Nike’s employees, creating a sense of community and appreciation among employees.

Be a Spouse of Family Member of an Employee

Full-time Nike employees can also add their significant others and their immediate family members and dependent children to the entry list, also for unlimited visits. However, not to fear if this isn’t you – there may still be some options!

Nike Employee Store

Be a Student Athlete

Nike extends this shopping opportunity to student athletes, such as OGA members (Nike’s Official Golf Association), UOAA members (University of Oregon Alumni Association), and members of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). If this is you, bring a valid college ID!

Be a Vendor or Affiliate

Another way to obtain access into the Nike Employee Store is to be a vendor or an affiliate of Nike.

A vendor is a company or an individual that sells something to Nike, such as professional services, software, etc.

Nike vendors are usually offered a pass to the Nike Employee Store, which will often be good for one day.

Have a Nike Connection

Do you know a Nike store employee? You might be in luck, as each year, Nike offers its employees a small number of extra passes that they can give away to their friends or acquaintances!

To gain entry into the Nike Company Store, simply ask your Nike-employed friend to add you to the Guestlist.

Don’t yet know a Nike employee? Try asking around to a few of your friends or on social media to see if they might know someone.

How to Get On the Nike Employee Store Guestlist

To start the process of getting on the exclusive guestlist, provide the staff employee with your full name and email address; this is where the access pass will be sent. The Nike employee may also give you a physical Nike Guest Pass (often with an expiration date).

How to Make the Most of Your Nike Employee Store Visit

Nike Employee Store Spending Limit

There is indeed a spending limit enforced during your visit, which may change from time to time.

The purchase limit is said to be around $3,000 USD per person per visit.

Navigating the Employee Store 

Knowledgeable and friendly Nike staff members are always available to assist you throughout your visit, offering product expertise. If you have any questions or are confused about how the huge discount works, simply ask – that’s what they’re there for.

Exclusive Shopping Beyond the Nike Employee Store

It’s worth knowing that Nike also operates other exclusive retail shopping outlets, such as the Columbia Employee Stores and select Nike Factory Stores.

These stores offer similar benefits, so make sure to check those out as well!

The Nike Digital Experience: Beyond the Store

Managed to gain access? Congrats – that’s exciting!

To enhance your overall Nike Employee Store retail experience, Nike also offers its store visitors a range of digital tools, such as the Nike App.

This innovative tech allows shoppers to explore the store and purchase products conveniently and quickly, right from the palm of their hands.

Nike Employee Store

Nike Employee Store: Tips and Tricks

Arrive early, particularly on weekends:

There is always the potential for a crowded parking lot and long checkout lines, even for an exclusive store!

Block a few hours out of your day:

You can likely expect to spend a few hours at the Nike Employee Store, as there is so much to ogle and try on! Make use of your discount and spend your time trying on clothing and shoes.

Bring Snacks and Water

Make sure to stay hydrated and pack snacks, especially if you expect to be shopping for a few hours.

Shopping with a Nike employee means a higher discount:

You can receive a higher discount if you are an employee or shop with an employee. Non-Nike employees receive a 40% discount on their entire purchase, but you can receive 50% if you shop with a Nike Employee.

Your guest pass is only valid for one transaction:

Each guest pass is only valid for a one-time entry. It also cannot be transferred to someone else, and will not work at or other Nike stores.

The GuestList is digital:

The guestlist is provided through email, and there is no physical pass required.

Popular Sizes are less available:

Just like in regular stores, popular sizes tend to disappear quickly, so grab any items in your size as you see them!

Wearing Competitor Clothing might cause you to be denied entry:

Yep – avoid wearing clothes that sport competitor brands into the store; it’s said that it is actually highly discouraged!

Most of All – Have FUN!

Make sure you embrace the thrill of the hunt for the best prices, elevate your sneaker game, and immerse yourself in the world of Nike fashion!

Whether you’re a passionate sneakerhead, an active sports enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates stylish casual wear, the Nike Employee Store provides an unrivalled opportunity to fulfill your athletic apparel dreams without compromising on budget.

The Nike Employee Store is indeed an exclusive gateway to incredible deals and an incredible selection of unique and attractive Nike footwear and other products. As you finish up your visit to the Nike Employee Store, take a moment to appreciate the incredible discounted prices, excellent selection, and exclusive access to an unforgettable shopping experience you’ve just enjoyed!

I hope this guide on How to Access the Nike Employee Store has been helpful, and that you come home with some amazing finds.

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Nike Employee Store

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Nike Employee Store (Beaverton): How to Get In!

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