The BEST Haunted Houses and Hotels in Salem, MA

haunted houses in salem

Visiting Haunted Houses and Hotels in Salem, MA

On a mission to find the creepiest haunted houses and haunted hotels in Salem? Well, you’re in luck!

Welcome to the captivating (and spoooooky!) city of Salem, Massachusetts, USA, where history weaves an eerie tapestry of legends and mysteries.

Well-known for its infamous Salem Witch Trials and fondly nicknamed the “Witch City,” Salem is a historic destination that beckons its visitors from all corners.

Salem’s rich historical significance was marked by the likes of Judge John Hathorne and the Salem Maritime National Historic Site, making it an iconic tourist destination for classic literary horror.

The legends of Bridget Bishop, Giles Corey, and Proctor’s Ledge adds to the haunting appeal of the town, turning it into a magnet for history enthusiasts. Salem has evolved into a mecca for enthusiasts of the paranormal, with its haunted attractions and even professional haunted house design firms.

In this blog post, we embark on a chilling journey to unveil the most haunted places and best haunted attractions in Salem.

Let’s explore Salem’s haunted houses, eerie mansions, and the secrets of Salem’s underground tunnels with their own haunting history.

Whether you are a seasoned ghost hunter or merely intrigued by the supernatural, Salem’s reputation as a realm of haunted experiences guarantees an unforgettable adventure into the mysterious unknown. Buckle up – let’s dive in!

haunted houses in salem

The Best Haunted Houses and Attractions in Salem:

If you’re seeking for spooky thrills and hoping for supernatural encounters, Salem is, of course, the place to be!

Salem offers a plethora of haunted houses and haunted attractions that promise to make your arm hair stand on end.

Whether you’re a paranormal enthusiast or simply looking for a hauntingly good time, these are some of the best haunted houses and eerie places you can check out located in Salem.

And as you wander these fascinating haunted houses and haunted attractions, make sure to keep an eye out for ghost sightings and cold spots. Salem doesn’t get its famous history for nothing *wink*

haunted houses in salem

Witch House:

Visit the Witch House and step right back in time. Salem’s With House, also known as the Jonathan Corwin House, is the only building in Salem with direct ties to the Salem Witch Trials.

It exudes a frighteningly eerie ambiance, making it a first stop and a must-visit for history and ghost enthusiasts alike.

Chambers of Terror:

Explore the heart of Salem’s scariest haunted attraction, Chambers of Terror. This haunted house features strobe lights, ghost stories, and a scary maze that will challenge even the bravest of explorers!

Joshua Ward House:

This historic mansion, formerly known as the “Sheriff George Corwin House,” is well-known for its association with George Corwin. Corwin was the high sheriff during the Salem witch trials.

The Joshua Ward House is said to be haunted by spirits from the past, and paranormal investigators have reported chilling encounters within its walls.

haunted houses in salem

House of the Seven Gables:

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel of the same name made this historic mansion famous. However, it offers much more than just literary charm. The dark past and ghostly legends of House of Seven Gables contribute to its reputation as one of Salem’s most haunted places, and is a must-visit for any ghost hunter in training.

Connors Farm Haunted Corn Maze:

Located just outside Salem, the Connors Farm Haunted Corn Maze offers a truly freaky experience! Navigate through their eerie maze, filled with ghoulish surprises for you waiting at every twist and turn.

Salem Witch Museum:

Dive into the chilling history of the witch hunts at the Salem Witch Museum, where you’ll get to experience the darkest side of Salem.

Through special effects and exhibits, you’ll encounter the harrowing events of the famous Salem witch trials.

Salem Wax Museum:

In the lower dungeon of the Salem Wax Museum, special effects bring to life notorious spooky figures such asDr. Frankenstein and his most horrid monster.

Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery:

Explore the world of classic horror at Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery. Here, fascinatingly-real wax figures of famous horror characters await your discovery.

Gallows Hill Museum:

Immerse yourself into Salem’s rich haunted history at the Gallows Hill Museum. Here, interactive exhibits and chilling tales of the witch trials await you.

haunted houses in salem

Ghost Walking Tours:

Salem’s ghost walking tours are a quintessential part of the city’s allure and not to be missed! During a visit to Salem, make sure to embark on a walking tour to explore its haunted history and supernatural mysteries. These guided ghost walking tours offer a thrillingly immersive experience, bringing visitors on a journey through Salem’s eerie haunted landmarks.

Haunted Witch Village

The Salem Witch Village is another immersive attraction that transports visitors into the enchanting world of witchcraft and dark magic. Located right within the heart of Salem, guests wander the haunted witch village through its shadowy streets and eerie alleyways. Salem Haunted Witch Village is a must-see for anyone seeking an enchanting and haunting adventure located right in the heart of the Witch City.

Old Burying Point Cemetery

Salem’s Old Burying Point Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in the US, dating back all the way to 1637. It is, of course, linked to the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. The uneven terrain and weathered gravestones in the cemetery exude ancient charm, where visitors can find the graves of notable figures from the witch trials, as well as sea captains and early settlers.

haunted houses in salem

Salem’s Most Haunted Neighbourhoods:

Here are several Salem neighbourhoods that have a reputation for being particularly eerie and haunted:

Salem Common Area:

This is a historic Salem park with a dark past. Once the site of witchcraft-related events and witch trials, this neighbourhood is also a focal point for ghostly encounters!

Essex Street Area:

This street is a hub for tourism and haunted activities in Salem. The area is chalk-full of haunted attractions, museums, and shops related to Salem’s supernatural history.

Derby Street Area

This neighbourhood is believed to be haunted by the spirits of those accused and executed during the Salem Witch Trials. Derby Street is home to the famous Salem Witch Museum, as well as other haunted attractions.

Washington Square Area:

Washington Square is a historic area of Salem featuring the most beautiful old homes. Some of these homes have a reputation for being haunted, and local ghost stories are often shared by residents and visitors alike.

Federal Street Area:

Federal Street is a historic area in Salem, with several of its old buildings being rumoured to be haunted.

Pickering Wharf Area:

This is a charming waterfront area in Salem featuring a history of witchcraft-related maritime stories. Also, some of the buildings in this area are said to be haunted by former sailors or sea captains.

Chestnut Street Area:

Salem’s Chestnut Street is famous for its beautiful historic homes. But some of these elegant residences are also rumoured to host ghostly inhabitants from Salem’s past!

Salem Willows Area:

Salem Willows is a seaside neighbourhood featuring a popular amusement park. However, this neighborohod also has plenty of stories of paranormal activity to explore!

Salem’s Most Haunted Hotels:

Why not enhance your visit to the Witch City with a stay in one of Salem’s most notoriously haunted hotels?

Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer in the paranormal, staying in one of these haunted hotels can add an extra layer of intrigue and mystery to your visit to Salem, the “Witch City.”

 haunted houses in salem

Hawthorne Hotel:

Hawthorne Hotel is an iconic haunted hotel in Salem, the Hawthorne Hotel that boasts plenty of ghost stories and tales of paranormal activity.

Guests have reported hearing spooky footsteps and experienced doors opening and closing on their own.

It has welcomed many guests, including celebrities, over the years, making it a favourite place to stay for ghost hunters paying a visit to Salem.

haunted houses in salem

The Coach House Inn:

The historic Coach House Inn is known to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who once loved there. Some guests have even claimed to see her ghostly figure wandering the halls!

haunted houses in salem

haunted houses in salem

Salem Inn:

This historic Salem Inn has been the location of numerous ghostly encounters! Guests have claimed to see spirits, experience sudden temperature drops, and see mysteriously flickering lights.

haunted houses in salem

The Salem Inn on Washington Square:

Another location of the Salem Inn, this hotel is located in the historic Washington Square neighborhood, which has its own share of ghostly tales! Guests have claimed to have encountered unexplained phenomena during their visit here.

haunted houses in salem

Salem Waterfront Hotel & Suites:

Located near Salem’s beautiful waterfront, the Salem Waterfront Hotel is said to be haunted by the spirits of former sailors, with visitors having reported seeing shadowy figures and hearing unexplained sounds.

haunted houses in salem

haunted houses in salem

The Daniels House Bed and Breakfast:

This charming Salem B&B is said to be haunted by the ghost of Captain Nathaniel Daniels, a former resident of the home. Visitors have reported feeling a ghostly presence in their rooms, with some even reporting to having seen his ghost!

haunted houses in salem

haunted houses in salem

The Merchant:

This pretty boutique Salem hotel is located in a building dating back all the way to the early 1800s. Its guests have reported having encounters with ghostly apparitions, adding to its haunted reputation.

haunted houses in salem

The Morning Glory Bed & Breakfast

Guests have reported creepy experiences at this charming B&B, from hearing unexplained noises to the feeling of being watched by unseen beings!

The Salem Hideaway:

Formerly named the Captain West House, this B&B has a reputation for spooky ghost encounters, including seeing flickering lights and the hearing of unexplained sounds.

haunted houses in salem

The Joshua Ward House:

This historic house, turned into a hotel, is notorious for being the former residence of Sheriff George Corwin, known for his involvement in the Salem Witch Trials. Some guests have claimed to see his ghostly figure in the building.

Best Tours in Salem

Ready for a spooky good time? These are the BEST tours in Salem that I recommend:

Visiting Salem in October

Salem is always a fascinating place to visit, but especially so during the festively-scary month of October!

With the arrival of autumn, Salem embraces its haunted reputation, emerging as a hub for Halloween events, haunted attractions, and frightening ghost tours.

In October, Salem comes alive with an electrifying energy, drawing thrill-seekers and the curious alike to its enigmatic allure.

Amidst the cobblestone streets and historic buildings, an air of otherworldly mystique prevails, enchanting all who dare to venture into the realm of the supernatural.

Visiting Salem in October is considered the best time to experience the city’s enchanting and haunting atmosphere. From scary haunted houses and ghost tours to exciting costume parties and elaborate parades, October in Salem is a month-long celebration of all things eerie and otherworldly.

haunted houses in salem

Salem’s Halloween Festivities:

Salem embraces Halloween like no other place in the world, offering so many spooky and entertaining events for visitors and locals alike!

Annual Salem “Haunted Happenings” Event:

Salem hosts the annual “Salem Haunted Happenings”, which is a must-do! This is a month-long festival featuring plenty of Halloween-themed activities and attractions. During this annual event, visitors can immerse themselves in the spooky spirit of the season and enjoy an abundance of haunted experiences.

Limited Time Attractions:

Some haunted attractions and tours are seasonal and only available during October! This exclusivity creates a unique and memorable experience for those visiting the city during this time.

haunted houses in salem

Seasonal Decorations:

Salem residents and businesses really splurge with festive decorations, turning the city into a captivating and immersive Halloween wonderland!

Visitors can expect to see creative displays, scarecrows, pumpkins, and other seasonal decorations adorning the streets.

Witch City Traditions:

Salem fully embraces its identity as the “Witch City” during October, making it a prime time to experience the city’s witchcraft history and folklore through events, museums, and themed exhibits.

As you can see, Salem in October offers an unparalleled experience for those seeking a spooky and enchanting Halloween adventure!

Salem stands as a truly bewitching and fascinating city, captivating its visitors with its richly haunted history. From its notorious Salem Witch Trials to the eerie secrets of “Frankenstein’s Castle,” the town of Salem offers a diverse variety of ghostly experiences for those seeking the darker side of Salem.

From the creepy Salem Witch Museum to the chilling “Darkest Side of a Madman” and “Notorious Dungeon of Dr. Frankenstein,” Salem’s most haunted venues offer spine-tingling experiences and a view into Salem’s paranormal side.

As you can see, Salem stands as a unique destination for those seeking a memorable and spooky journey into the realm of haunted history with its blend of supernatural encounters, classic horror charm, and historical significance.

Salem is a top-rated destination for ghost enthusiasts and curious travellers from across the United States and beyond, and I hope you have the most unforgettable trip to the Witch City!

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haunted houses in salem

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The BEST Haunted Houses and Hotels in Salem, MA

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