The BEST Wineries in Indiana with Lodging for 2024

wineries in indiana with lodging

Are you looking for the best wineries in Indiana with lodging?

In the heart of the Hoosier State, Indiana wineries offer an exceptional wine-tasting experience that promises to delight any wine enthusiast. While the warmer months beckon visitors to embark on an unforgettable journey along the Indiana wine trails, there’s a hidden gem nestled in the rolling hills of Harrison County that stands out as the perfect place for a romantic getaway with an excellent rating – Patoka Lake Winery, Indiana’s only winery with lodging available.

Patoka Lake Winery not only boasts a rustic setting with vineyard views that are a product of years of hard work in their own vineyards but also offers a unique combination of different varietals and wines. As one of the best winery experiences in Indiana, it entices guests with a delightful tasting room, delicious wine, and fine wine and food pairings that will satisfy even the most discerning palates. And if you’re looking for a little extra, their facility tour provides a glimpse into the magic behind their great wines.

However, for those seeking to learn more about the other wineries in Indiana, this blog will not only introduce you to the charm of Patoka Lake Winery but also highlight the best Indiana wineries without lodging, ensuring you can curate your ideal wine-tasting adventure.

wineries in indiana with lodging

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Patoka Lake Winery – Indiana’s Only Winery with Lodging

Located in the picturesque landscape of Indiana, Patoka Lake Winery is an enchanting retreat for those seeking a winery getaway with lodging. This charming winery, situated on the southern fringes of Patoka Lake near the Newton-Stewart State Recreation Area, offers an array of features that make it the perfect destination for wine enthusiasts, travelers in search of a romantic escape, and anyone yearning for a delightful retreat.

wineries in indiana with lodging

The heart of Patoka Lake Winery is its inviting Tasting Room, where the doors are open daily to the public. Here, visitors are welcome to indulge in an exquisite tasting experience. You can savor a selection of their finest wines at the wine bar, reveling in the diverse and delicious range of flavors they offer. If you’re looking to take a piece of the experience home with you, the Tasting Room also features wine sales, including their renowned wine slushies. These delightful concoctions make for the perfect companion as you sit, sip, and soak in the serene atmosphere.

wineries in indiana with lodging

Whether you prefer to enjoy your wine indoors at one of the tables or outside on the covered patio, Patoka Lake Winery ensures your visit is nothing short of splendid. You can even complement your wine with select meats, cheeses, or chocolates for a truly indulgent experience. And for those looking to carry the memory of Patoka Lake Winery with them, a visit to the gift shop offers a chance to explore a range of wine-related accessories and delightful gifts.

For those who seek a deeper understanding of the winemaking process, Patoka Lake Winery offers guided facility tours by appointment, providing insight into the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into creating their fine wines. This educational opportunity allows guests to gain a deeper appreciation for the artistry behind every bottle.

Patoka Lake Winery has garnered recognition and accolades for its exceptional wines. Offering a wide range of wine varieties, from dry to sweet, reds to whites, and an array of fruit wines, they cater to nearly every palate. Their commitment to quality and craftsmanship has been acknowledged through numerous awards at prestigious wine competitions. The accolades include gold medals for their Captains’ Chardonnay and Biker’s Black and Blue, as well as silver medals for their Riesling and Das Apfel Riesling, among others. These honors underscore the dedication and passion that go into creating the fine wines that patrons can enjoy. You’re sure to find your new favourite drink here!

wineries in indiana with lodging

However, what really sets Patoka Lake Winery apart is its unique lodging options. The winery offers two distinct types of accommodations – Winery Suites and Silo Suites.

The Winery Suites

The Winery Suites, located above the Tasting Room, are a paragon of luxury and comfort. Each suite boasts a king bed, a full bath with a jacuzzi tub and shower unit, and granite countertops. The living room areas feature a cozy fireplace, a flat-screen satellite TV, WiFi, and a well-furnished kitchenette with a dining table and chairs. The Winery Suites are designed to provide guests with a serene retreat, ensuring a restful night after a day filled with wine and exploration.

wineries in indiana with lodging wineries in indiana with lodging

wineries in indiana with lodging

Silo Suites

On the other hand, the Silo Suites offer a truly unique experience. These two-story luxury suites are attached to the winery, and what makes them truly distinctive is the circular design of the rooms. The open upstairs bedroom features a king bed, chairs, wardrobe, Wi-Fi, and a flat-screen satellite TV. The full bath on this level comes equipped with a jacuzzi tub and shower unit, as well as a private water closet. The first floor living area offers a cozy fireplace, comfortable seating, and another flat-screen TV. The kitchenette on this level is fully furnished, and a convenient half bath is also available. These Silo Suites provide a one-of-a-kind lodging experience that is as cozy as it is exceptional.

wineries in indiana with lodging wineries in indiana with lodgingWith the Silo Suites, you can choose from options that accommodate your preferences, whether you’re planning a weekend escape or an extended stay. The winery suite offers a selection of room options, each thoughtfully designed to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

wineries in indiana with lodging

Beyond the wine tastings, lodging, and enchanting accommodations, the winery boasts event space for small groups or large gatherings. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, hosting a private event, or planning a corporate function, this venue provides a warm and welcoming backdrop for memorable moments.

Patoka Lake Winery is the quintessential destination for a winery getaway with lodging in Indiana. With its serene and inviting Tasting Room, luxurious Winery and Silo Suites, event space for private gatherings, and an array of award-winning wines, it offers the perfect blend of relaxation, indulgence, and fine wine. As a truly hidden gem, it beckons visitors to immerse themselves in the rustic beauty of the rolling hills surrounding Patoka Lake while savoring the exquisite flavors of Indiana’s wine country. Whether you’re seeking a romantic escape, a wine-tasting adventure, or a serene retreat, Patoka Lake Winery promises an experience that’s nothing short of exceptional.

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Other Wineries in Indiana

French Lick Winery

Located in the picturesque town of French Lick, this winery offers a diverse selection of wines and is known for its scenic vineyard views.

wineries in indiana with lodging

Brown County Winery

Situated in the beautiful Brown County, this winery is known for producing high-quality wines and offers a charming wine-tasting experience.

Easley Winery

Easley Winery, located in downtown Indianapolis, is renowned for its wide range of wines and offers a warm and inviting atmosphere for wine enthusiasts.

Tonne Winery

Tonne Winery provides a delightful wine-tasting experience with a variety of wines and is a great place to explore different wine options.

Hopwood Cellars Winery

Hopwood Cellars Winery offers a unique and inviting setting to enjoy fine wines and explore their tasting options.

Winzerwald Winery

Winzerwald Winery specializes in crafting exceptional wines, making it a must-visit for those seeking unique and high-quality options.

Barn Winery

Barn Winery provides a rustic and cozy setting for enjoying wines and offers a memorable wine-tasting experience.

wineries in indiana with lodging

Mallow Run Winery

Mallow Run Winery offers a welcoming atmosphere and a variety of wines, making it a great place to relax and enjoy wine tastings.

Monkey Hollow Winery

Monkey Hollow Winery is known for its scenic location and a delightful selection of wines that cater to different preferences.

Urban Vines Winery

Urban Vines Winery, located in downtown Indianapolis, provides an urban wine-tasting experience with a variety of wines to savor.

Daniel’s Vineyard

Daniel’s Vineyard is known for its beautiful vineyard setting and a selection of wines that offer a delightful tasting experience.

Satek Winery

Satek Winery is renowned for its high-quality wines, offering a refined and enjoyable wine-tasting experience.

Oliver Winery

Oliver Winery is a well-established winery with a reputation for producing excellent wines, making it a popular destination for wine enthusiasts.

Cedar Creek Winery

Cedar Creek Winery provides a lovely setting to enjoy a variety of wines and is known for its welcoming ambiance.

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wineries in indiana with lodging

The BEST Wineries in Indiana with Lodging for 2024

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