Boat Trips to the Bahamas

Looking to take a relaxing and stunning boat trip to Bahamas? You’re in the right place!

With its many breathtaking beaches, exquisite water sports, coral reefs, and scenic landscapes, the Bahamas have remained the perfect place for many people from the United States and around the world to spend their vacations, celebrate a special event or important meeting, or just to unwind and have some downtime relaxing.

The Bahamas is indeed magical, and the perfect place for a getaway. In this blog post, I’m going to share some key facts that travelers should consider before making their trip to this tropical island for a full day trip, or more.

Boat Trips to the Bahamas

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    Table of Contents: Boat Trips to the Bahamas Guide

    How Far Are the Bahamas from Florida?
    What is the Best Time of the Year to Take a Boat From Florida to the Bahamas?
    What is the Weather Like in the Bahamas?
    Best Islands in the Bahamas to Visit
    Boat Trips to the Bahamas from Miami
    Boat Trips to the Bahamas From Fort Lauderdale
    Boat Trips to the Bahamas From Freeport
    Boat Trips to the Bahamas From West Palm Beach
    Boat Trips to the Bahamas From Fort Lauderdale
    Day Trips to the Bahamas from Florida
    Best Hotels in Nassau, Bahamas
    Best Hotels in Bimini, Bahamas
    Best Hotels in Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas
    Best Hotels in Paradise Island, Bahamas
    Best Hotels in Exuma, Bahamas
    Best Resort in Andros island
    Best Hotels in Harbour Island, Bahamas
    Best Hotels in Cat Island
    Best Hotels in Long Island, Bahamas
    Best Hotels in San Salvadore Islands

    Boat Trips to Bahamas

    How Far Are the Bahamas from Florida?

    This tropical island lies in the Atlantic Ocean about 303 miles from South Florida, United States. By air, it is a journey of just one hour and eighteen minutes!

    The Bahamas is a quick trip from Florida, making it an ideal destination to spend your time taking in the sun on its beautiful sands with a drink in hand.

    What is the Best Time of the Year to Take a Boat Trip to the Bahamas from Florida?

    It is important to keep tabs on the Bahamian weather before you set sail by boat from the United States! The waters around the Bahamas are generally navigable with wave speeds at 5 to 20 knots. However, this tropical paradise is in hurricane territory, and in the summer period, torrential rain and strong winds are to be expected. The hurricane season normally lasts from June to November and peaks in August and September.

    Fortunately, the Bahamas are seldom hit by strong winds and hurricanes. It is estimated that only one in five hurricanes actually hit the island at the peak of the hurricane season.

    Still, your best bet is to set sail to the Bahamas when the weather is the least humid and the climate is the most conducive for sailing. This period falls from December to April.

    Boat Trips to Bahamas

    What is the Weather Like in the Bahamas?

    The Bahamas lies in the tropics and are famed for their warm, near-perfect climate year round. Needless to say, the weather in the Bahamas is beautiful!

    The temperatures on the islands range from 84 F at its hottest to 72 F at its coolest.

    Here is a monthly breakdown:

    Bahamas Weather in January

    The average temperature in January is 76°F / 24°C with around 3 inches of rainfall.

    Bahamas Weather in February

    The average temperature is identical to that of the previous month, although the level of rainfall drops to around 2.9 inches

    Bahamas Weather in March

    The islands become hotter in March, reaching up to 78°F with rainfall equally rising to 3.7 inches.

    Bahamas Weather in April

    In this month, the temperature continues its steady climb and reaches 81°F / 2°6C with rainfall plummeting to 2.6 inches, an all-year low.

    Bahamas Weather in May

    The temperature reaches 81°F while the rains rise to 4.1 inches.

    Bahamas Weather in June

    June in the Bahamas sees the weather get up to 88°F / 27°C accompanied by 6.9 inches of rain.

    Bahamas Weather in July

    In this month, the heat gets to an annual climax of 90°F / 32°C while the rainfall is around 6.5 inches

    Bahamas Weather in August

    The temperature remains largely unchanged from the previous month while the rate of rainfall goes up to 8.2.

    Bahamas Weather in September

    The heat begins its decline this month, dropping slightly to 89°F / 31.5°C with the rain hitting 8.6 inches, representing their annual peak point.

    Bahamas Weather in October

    In October, the average temperature is 86°F  / 30°C. You can expect around 5.6 inches of rainfall this month.

    Bahamas Weather in November

    In November, the heat continues its steady drop, reaching 82°F / 28°C with around 3.7 inches of rain.

    Bahamas Weather in December

    The weather is around 77°F / 25°C with the rainfall reducing to 2.9 inches.

    Boat Trips to The Bahamas

    Boat Trips to the Bahamas: Best Islands to Visit

    The beautiful Bahamas contain about 700 islands of varying sizes, only less than a hundred of which host a permanent human population!

    The islands differ in their unique features and while some are fully urbanized, others are virtually untouched by industrial development (aka straight out of the Corona commercial of your dreams!). You can also find the occasional private island.

    Here are some of the things that the best islands of the Bahamas have to offer.


    The coast of Nassau has several amazing coral reefs, which makes it a destination of choice for many divers!

    On land, tourists in small groups or large groups can have a great time enjoying some of the local delicacies (which typically involve sea snails) and sunbathing on the island’s stunning beaches on the coast of Nassau for a full day or more.

    In addition, Nassau also hosts the Junkanoo festival, a local carnival-like cultural celebration twice a year. You might arrive just in time to witness one – it’s a blast!

    Nassau - Boat Trips to the Bahamas


    Bimini island has some of the best and most popular beaches in all of the Bahamas! It also features several splendid resorts where visitors can stay in a luxurious hotel room and enjoy the best hospitality and dining services.

    One of the island’s most notorious locations is the Bimini Healing Hole, a pond that is believed to have healed several people who swam in it!

    Bimini - Boat Trips to the Bahamas

    Cat Island

    Cat Island is a 150 square mile Bahamian island which is one of the least known and therefore least visited by tourists who typically stay for a full day or more. It’s still somewhat of a secret gem!

    Visitors to the island can have a great time engaging in a variety of activities, such as hiking up the over 200 feet high Mount Alvenia. There are also several opportunities for diving and swimming. In fact, a favorite tourist diving spot is off the remains of a Spanish warship that got sunk around 120 years ago!

    A visit to Cat Island is not complete without seeing its famed Mermaid Hole and Big Blue Hole, beautiful natural locations steeped in lore and legend.

    If you want a tropical island where you can rest and enjoy a unique experience with little disturbance while absorbing the beauty of nature, Cat Island is the perfect place for you.

    Cat Island - Bimini - Boat Trips to the Bahamas

    New Providence

    The island of New Providence is one of the most popular of the Bahamas archipelago. This island hosts Nassau, the capital city of the Bahamas, and the world-famous Atlantis Resort.

    This bustling urban area is famed for its many unique casinos and eateries. You can get a great hotel room in the city. The are also several pristine beaches for visitors to enjoy.

    Visitors can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the island of New Providence from Fort Fincastle, an old Fort on the island.

    Nassau - Boat Trips to the Bahamas

    Grand Bahamas Island

    Tourists from South Florida and elsewhere who wish to enjoy a tropical paradise with stunning views and excellent sights will find the Grand Bahamas Island a perfect place for them.

    Visitors can find top-rated lodgings in the Grand Bahamas island’s cities of Freeport and Lucaya where they can immerse themselves in the Grand Bahamas island’s culture and vibrant nightlife.

    Furthermore, Grand Bahamas Island offers some of the best views and natural sceneries in the Bahamas. Its Gold Rock Beach is a mecca for photographers, artists and photo enthusiasts from all over the world. The Grand Bahamas beach is perhaps most famous for appearing in the popular “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies.

    Moreover, the Lucayan National Park located on the Grand Bahamas Island is a perfect place for bird watching.

    Grand Bahamas Island

    Paradise Islands

    The aptly-named Paradise islands feature several high-class resorts. Visitors who wish to do some shopping can do so from a variety of luxury boutiques on the Paradise islands. Most tourists enjoy the water park which features several swimming pools and waterslides, among other water sports facilities.

    The Paradise islands also feature several splendid beaches and white sand beaches with crystal clear water.

    Boat Trips to the Bahamas


    Eleuthera Island, more popularly known as Pineapple City, is the island with the longest unbroken record of habitation. It was there that the earliest English settlers set foot. The island would later host large numbers of Royal loyalists from America after the American War of Independence. These early occupants have left their mark on the island in the form of their unique architecture some of which can still be seen today.

    The island’s nickname is a tribute to the acres of pineapple plantations which are a constant fixture on the Eleutheran landscape. Eleuthera features some of the most breathtaking coral reefs, white sand beaches, crystal clear water, and holiday resorts.

    Harbour Island

    This is one of the smallest, and yet most unique of the Bahamas islands. Its most famous feature is perhaps the serene Pink Sand Beach on its eastern side.

    If you are a water sports lover, you will enjoy snorkeling in a spectacular coral reef off the island’s shores called the Devil’s Backbone.

    Furthermore, the island’s sole town, Dunmore Town, features beautiful buildings with colonial-era architecture.


    The Exuma islands are some of the most popular tourist destinations in the Bahamas. Exuma is particularly famed for its Pig Beach, at which tourists can enjoy the spectacular scenery, watch sea turtles and other forms of marine life and play with the famous swimming pigs in the crystal clear water. The Atlantic Ocean islands also feature several luxurious resorts.

    Pig Beach - Boat Trips to the Bahamas


    Andros is actually made up of three islands; it is one of the largest in the Bahamas archipelago and one of the least explored as well. You can visit a national park which is a perfect place for visitors to immerse themselves in nature. Andros island also hosts the Western hemisphere’s second-largest coral reef.

    Be sure not to leave this great place without souvenirs of homemade batik and baskets.

    Long Island

    Long Island is a great place for adventurers. Several dive sites dot the 80-mile island including the 600-feet Dean’s Blue Hole, one of the world’s deepest. Sea turtles and other sea creatures and marine life are commonly seen in the crystal clear water and on the island’s beaches and fishing is a popular sport in the area.

    San Salvador Island

    San Salvador Island may be one of the smallest of the Bahamas islands, but it is also one of the most historically important. This island is believed to be where Christopher Columbus first set foot in the New World.

    But history is not the only factor that draws tourists to San Salvador Island. There are several water sports hubs and coral reefs rich in marine life in the nearby Atlantic Ocean which make it an ideal place for snorkelers.

    Boat Trips to the Bahamas

    Boat Trips to the Bahamas from Miami

    How Far is Miami to the Bahamas?

    The distance from Miami to the Bahamas is about 181 miles.

    Boat Trip Options to the Bahamas from Miami

    By Ferry

    The ferry trip lasts two hours from Miami to the Bahamas. Day passes are handed out on arrival for tourists on short visits such as a half-day excursion.

    Get the Best Prices for Your Ferry to the Bahamas here:

    Day Trip

    Many tourists choose to spend a short but glorious day in the Bahamas before taking a return flight or boat trip to Miami.

    Boat Cruise

    Boat cruises from a cruise port make for a more comfortable and unique experience. You can expect to enjoy WiFi and a bar with soft drinks, rum cocktails and more on board.

    Private Boat Tour

    Many companies have special offers of guided boat tours for tourists to various Bahamas islands. The tour guides provide visitors with the information they need on how to make the most of their visit to the Bahamas. Short boat rides take tourists from one island to the other.

    Boat Trips to the Bahamas From Fort Lauderdale

    How Far is Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas?

    Fort Lauderdale is around 60 miles from the Bahamas.

    Boat Trip Options

    Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas is around 2.5 hours by ferry. Visitors can also opt for private boat tours or to travel by boat cruise which offers soft drinks, rum cocktails, and other perks of comfortable travel. On short visits such as a half-day excursion, a valid passport or birth certificate can grant you access to the country.

    Boat Trips to the Bahamas From Freeport

    How Far is Freeport to the Bahamas?

    Freeport is 208 kilometers away from the tropical islands of the Bahamas.

    Boat Trip Options

    Tourists can join guided boat tours on an enjoyable cruise from Freeport which provides them the benefit of being guided by people knowledgeable about the islands. Other options such as fast ferry trips embarking from ferry terminals also exist.

    Get the Best Prices for Your Ferry to the Bahamas here:


    Boat Trips to the Bahamas From West Palm Beach

    How Far is West Palm Beach to the Bahamas?

    The distance between West Palm Beach and the Bahamas is 202 miles.

    Boat Trip Options

    A boat cruise trip from West Palm Beach to the Bahamas allows tourists to enjoy the unique experience of luxurious traveling on a nice cruise while taking in the sights. There is also the option of traveling by the ferry route from a ferry terminal to this tropical island, among others.

    Day Trips to the Bahamas by Boat

    Day Trip to the Bahamas From Miami

    You can take a trip for a day from Miami to enjoy the Bahamas. You can make the trip by ferry route which is very cost-effective. Alternatively, you can go on boat tours or by fast ferry.

    Day Trip to the Bahamas From Fort Lauderdale

    This can be done by boat cruise, which offers the most comfort to travelers. Other options include a glass bottom boat tour and setting sail by ferry from Fort Lauderdale, among other options.

    Day Trip to the Bahamas From Freeport

    This short trip to the islands can be made via ferry, boat cruise from a cruise port, or by private boat tour which allows the tourist to enjoy the guidance of experienced guides. A glass-bottom boat tour can also be arranged.

    Day Trip to the Bahamas From West Palm Beach

    Tourists can decide from private boat tours, ferries from West Palm Beach for this trip.

    Search for a Ferry from Florida to the Bahamas here:

    Best Hotels in Nassau, Bahamas

    Margaritaville Beach Resort, Nassau

    Margaritaville Beach Resort in Nassau is the crown jewel of Nassau’s downtown, a truly hip and trendy place in The Bahamas. This resort is located on the harbor and is the perfect place for the young (and the young at heart!) Its convenient location just steps away from historic Bay Street, which is popular for shoppers and features the Straw Market, plenty of local artesian galleries, and interesting museums. A great place to stay during your trip to the Bahamas!

    Graycliff Hotel

    Boat Trips to The Bahamas

    Graycliff is an alluring world hidden away from the casinos and glitter of Nassau, right next to to Government House and a short distance from beautiful beaches. There are a total of eighteen luxurious rooms and cottage suites available at the hotel. The Graycliff Hotel is recognized by AAA with a Four-Diamond award.

    Best Hotels in Bimini, Bahamas

    Hilton at Resorts World, Bimini

    White sand beaches and turquoise sea await you at this lovely Caribbean resort. Parasailing, snorkeling, and trips on glass-bottomed boats are just some of the resort activities available. They also offer a spa, infinity rooftop pool, restaurants, and bars.

    Bimini Big Game Club and Marina, Bahamas

    Bimini Big Game Club and Marina, Bahamas

    The Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina is an intimate and convenient resort located in North Bimini’s Alice Town. It features elegant rooms, cottages, and penthouses for guests. Resort and marina visitors may use the resort’s many amenities, including a freshwater swimming pool, hammocks, bicycles, a covered gaming area, free water sports, and much more. Walking to the beach from the resort takes just three short minutes. Also, the resort is a great location for private gatherings, with its Hemingway’s Conference Center that has 2,100 square feet of space.

    Best Hotels in Grand Bahama Island

    Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort

    Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort

    Located on the southern coast of Grand Bahama Island, this stunning resort is unlike any other in the Bahamas. The luxurious Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach is situated on 26 acres of tropical vegetation, natural fauna, and palm tree-lined beaches. Visitors can take in the breathtaking scenery and enjoy some of the thrilling entertainment options available right on the premises.

    Resorts & Clubs in Taino Beach

    Visitors to Taino Beach Resort & Club can relax in style while being physically and mentally removed from their busy everyday lives. Family members can relax and unwind on vacation here, thanks to the fully-equipped kitchens, master suites, and large terraces in the rental units. Ocean and pool views available!

    Best Hotels in Eleuthera, Bahamas

    French Leave Resort

    French Leave Resort

    French Leave Resort is a stunning tropical retreat offering 20 original Bahamian villas, great cuisine, and extraordinary service. As a top Marriott Autograph Collection hotel, they are indeed one of the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets. A bucket list stay in the Bahamas!

    Valentine’s Resort and Marina

    Valentine's Resort and Marina

    Valentines Residences, Property & Marina is the most colorful and fascinating luxury resort on Harbour Island, Bahamas – the holiday destination named “Best Island in the Caribbean” by Travel and Leisure Magazine! They’re renowned by frequent travelers for their beautiful pink sand beach, turquoise ocean, and legendary Harbour Island hospitality.

    Best Hotels in Paradise Island, Bahamas

    Warwick Paradise

    Warwick Paradise

    Indulge yourself in the picturesque refuge of the Warwick Paradise Island Bahamas – All-Inclusive Resort, an ideal hideaway where they try to live up to our island namesake, chasing perfection in all elements of luxury and hospitality. As soon as you check into this adults-only, all-inclusive resort for those 16 and above, all your worries will melt away. Located on the island’s southwestern coast, guests may relax in the resort’s own harbor or soak up some rays on their white sand beach.

    Comfort Suites

    Comfort Suites

    The Bahamas are home to the all-suite Comfort Suites hotel on Paradise Island. In addition to providing reasonably priced lodging, we also provide full use of the resort’s world-famous facilities. All of Atlantis’s amenities, including the thrilling Aquaventure waterpark, are available to our guests as well.

    Best Hotels in Exuma, Bahamas

    Residences at the Grand Isle Resort

    Residences at the Grand Isle Resort

    The Grand Isle Resort on Great Exuma is the perfect combination of island elegance and Caribbean ambiance. Enjoy carefree abandonment among Emerald Bay’s powdery white dunes and azure waves. To unwind, stay in a luxurious villa equipped with all the conveniences of a five-star resort. You can go swimming with the island’s infamous pigs or play a round of golf on the Caribbean’s longest course in Exuma. Grand Isle Resort in the Exumas is the perfect place to stay whether you’re hoping for a relaxing getaway, a thrilling action-packed holiday, or a little bit of both.

    Kahari Resort

    Kahari Resort

    Kahari Resort is a one-of-a-kind retreat from which you can discover the untamed beauty and fascinating culture of the Exuma cays. Kahari Resort has unique bungalows designed to feel like the cabins of vintage yachts, surrounded on all sides by a blue ocean and a beautiful natural landscape. You can relax on their famous sandbar, or hop from one secluded beach to another. Explore the adjacent Georgetown area, go on a hike, and snorkel the reef. Anybody with a sense of adventure is welcome here!

    Best Hotels on Andros Island

    Andros Beach Club

    Andros Beach CLub Bahamas

    You can walk out of your hotel straight to four miles of private, isolated white sand at the Andros Beach Club, an all-inclusive boutique resort located on the island’s best beach. Some of the best snorkeling, diving, kayaking, bonefishing, reef fishing, and deep-sea fishing in the Bahamas can be found at the Andros Beach Club and Andros Diving.

    Small Hope Bay Lodge

    Small Hope Bay Lodge

    The Small Hope Bay Lodge has been greeting visitors to Andros Island for almost 60 years. Traditional beachside cottages, delicious foreign food, a plethora of outdoor pursuits, and the chance to unwind in a natural paradise are all part of what they have to offer. Relax and take in the wide array of dives, excellent fishing, unique birds, and mastery of the art of snoozing in a hammock. Andros is a wonderful destination for holidays of many kinds, whether you’re looking for peace & quiet, beautiful scenery, or a little privacy. It’s very unique and can’t be found anywhere else!

    Best Hotels in Harbour Island, Bahamas

    Pink Sands Resort

    Pink Sands Resort

    Pink Sands Resort is more than just a getaway; it’s a place to recharge and reconnect with yourself and others. They provide personalized weddings and parties and provide real island experiences throughout your stay.

    Romora Bay Resort

    Romora Bay Resort

    This Harbour Island marina and resort blends world service standards with a traditional Bahamian atmosphere to offer a destination unlike any other in The Bahamas.

    Best Hotels on Cat Island

    Beach Resort Rollezz Villas

    Beach Resort Rollezz Villas

    Visitors flock to The Bahamas for adventure, leisure, and excitement. Rollezz Villas Beach Resort caters to all of these requirements. Excursions to historic locations such as the 206-foot-high Mount Alvernia, a monastery constructed by Father Jerome, are available. This is The Bahamas’ highest structure. This is an excellent trekking experience for people who like the outdoors.

    Shanna’s Cove Hotel

    Shannas Cove Hotel

    If you’re searching for a relaxed beach holiday in the sun, Shanna’s Cove Resort is the place to be. Enjoy Cat Island’s gorgeous quiet white sandy beaches and the subtropical atmosphere that is ideal for exploration. Deep sea fishing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and paddle boarding are all popular activities one can enjoy in the crystal blue seas. Or, you can spend your days bonefishing in the stream, wandering along the Atlantic coast, or exploring the island. The people of the islands are very kind and polite, ready to share their history and culture with you.

    Best Hotels in Long Island, Bahamas

    Resort & Villas on Cape Santa Maria Beach

    Resort & Villas on Cape Santa Maria Beach

    Cape Santa Maria Resort and Villas is situated on one of the most renowned beaches in the Bahamas (and some claim one of the greatest in the world) (and some say one of the best in the world). In addition to the standard resort facilities, guests may choose from a variety of lodging types, including one- and two-bedroom bungalows as well as villas.

    Stella Maris Resort and Spa
    Stella Maris Resort and Spa

    The Stella Maris Resort Club is off the main path. On a peaceful island, one may enjoy nature to the fullest, the ocean and beaches at their finest, and the laid-back lifestyle of the islanders, who are renowned for their warm hospitality and genuine friendliness.

    Best Hotels in San Salvadore Islands

    The Bohemian Hotel

    Bohemian Bahamas

    The breathtakingly magnificent “The Bohemian” resort on the island of San Salvador in the Bahamas has everything you could want. Direct beachfront with views of the turquoise and azure waves. This is Paradise for those who like the beach, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, kite surfing, diving, boating, or just seeking peace and tranquility away from the stresses of everyday life. The hotel includes 7 separate apartments and can sleep up to 14 guests. Come by yourself and rent just one room, or bring your whole group of friends or family and rent the entire home. San Salvador, often known as the “Forgotten Island,” is a really unique location.

    Columbus Club Med

    Club Med Bahamas

    This all-inclusive resort in the Bahamas, located on the isolated island of San Salvador, offers world-class scuba diving and stunning white sandy beaches. This exquisite, colonial-style beach resort is a hidden treasure that is ideal for a romantic holiday. At this beautiful Bahamian hideaway, disconnect from stress and reconnect with each other.

    Get the Best Prices for Your Ferry to the Bahamas here:

    Final Thoughts about Boat Trips to the Bahamas

    The island nation of the Bahamas in the Atlantic Ocean presents a great opportunity for people from South Florida and all around the world to take quick breaks through a short trip, for a half day or more, from the bustle of urban life via a boat trip to the serenity of rustic tropical beaches.

    I hope that this Bahamas Boat Trip Guide helps you to make the most of your boat trip to the Bahamas!

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    Boat Trips to the Bahamas

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