Why Goose Travel Insurance?

Let’s start today’s blog post with a little question:

Do you think that your credit card covers your travel insurance?

For many people, the answer to this will be a confident “YES!” However, the truth is that this is not always the case. Even if a credit card does provide you with coverage, there could be a very small cap on how much you are able to claim, often not obviously disclosed and buried in the fine print.

I’ve recently discovered Goose Insurance, which has quickly become my preferred method of purchasing travel insurance, for a variety of reasons:

1). It’s so incredibly easy (and fast!) to use

Goose has the cutest app, which allows you to purchase travel insurance in just 60 seconds or under from your mobile device.

It’s completely free to download – find it on your Apple App Store or Google Play store.

It enables you to quickly and efficiently purchase travel insurance on the fly, wherever you have a mobile connection.

2). It’s very affordable

You can purchase travel insurance for as low as $4 per day – which is an extremely competitive rate.

3). You can purchase it even after you’ve departed on your vacation

Goose Insurance can be purchased up to 7 days after your vacation has started.

4). It comes jam-packed with a slew of cool features

Just a few of these features are:

  • hospital locators in every country in the world
  • Instant Chat with an Agent to ensure you always have help available
  • Geo-targeted reminders (the app will send you a reminder when it detects that you are near an international airport or US border)
  • In-app access to your policy that is intuitive and easy to read

5). Coverage amount is up to $10,000,000

Goose offers 24/7 coverage for up to $10 million dollars.

6). Referral Program

Goose’s referral program is awesome! Receive $10 in credits for you and any friends who sign up.

And my favorite feature: You can enable Smart Goose notifications to receive a reminder alert every time you near an airport or border, reminding you to purchase insurance before you travel!

Download your Goose app now

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I received monetary compensation from the brand. However, all opinions are true, unbiased and 100% my own. I only endorse products and services that I absolutely believe in, trust, and would use myself.

Why Goose Travel Insurance?

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